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Jake's first fiction novel is now also available on Amazon as a Kindle e-book!


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In late 1931, Lord Avery’s death brings his family back to Oakford Court, a large manor house estate in the small village of Oakford, Devon. His dying wish made to his trusted local practitioner, Doctor Carson was that the ancestral home remains in the family, overseen by its true heir as it had been for generations.

As the dysfunctional family descend on the old manor for the weekend, it soon becomes apparent that each has their own agenda and that the snow storm which traps them in the house also provides a perfect recipe for murder.

After the reading of Lord Avery’s Last Will and Testament leads to the untimely murder of his son and heir Gerald, Doctor Carson brings in the expert assistance of semi-retired Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Boyle.

Once renowned for his unorthodox methods, the Inspector has moved to the country for a quieter life but soon finds himself embroiled in the bizarre events at Oakford Court. The murder weapon is missing, the inhabitants all seem happy with the will and have no apparent motive for murder and there is the small matter of the unexplained sighting of the stranger down by the lake.

But as so often is the case when dealing with Oakford Court, everything is not as it seems.

The Oakford Court Mystery

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